What to expect if you join us for a Gathering

We are a community of imperfect people in desperate need of grace. We genuinely desire to meet you where you are and allow you to experience Jesus in a life-changing way. When you walk through our doors you will be greeted with authentic and joyful people who are excited to see you!

We usually dress casually, but you can wear whatever you want. We won’t be giving away iPads or repelling from the rafters with an electric guitar and a mullet… so if that’s the kind of awesome you’re looking for, sorry.

Our music is modern. We have a full band of musicians and we sing songs that are doctrinally sound, whether they were written last week or last century. We try not to get hung up on style, but we definitely want to celebrate with music that sounds like it belongs in 2018 Henry County.

If you have a Bible, bring it. You will need it. Most of the 75 minutes you spend with us will be spent in the Word. We believe that the Scriptures are important for us to understand God, so our teachings center around the gospel as revealed in His Word. We remember the death and resurrection of Jesus every Sunday through Communion. The table is open to all who trust Christ alone for salvation.

We're one church, meeting in two locations. Join us this Sunday- we can't wait to meet you!

What is a Life Group?

Life Groups are groups of people in a certain area who are called to do life together and are sent on mission. Our Life Groups meet weekly in homes throughout Henry County and its surrounding counties. However, Life Groups are more than just scheduled meetings- our groups eat meals together throughout the week, recreate together, and serve neighbors with one another.  We seek to encourage one another in the gospel, grow in community and do mission together.

How do I choose a Life Group?

We encourage you to find a group closest to your home so that you are able to be on mission in your own context and are able to invite your own neighbors into this community. If your schedule does not allow for the group closest to you, please find one that does!

Our Purpose

To partner with families in training, leading and equipping your child with gospel truth to sustain life-long discipleship and worship.

Our Mission

To help disciple the next generation of faithful believers devoted to living out the teachings of Christ.

At our Gatherings

We offer childcare and programming for the following ages during our Sunday morning Gatherings.

Nursery: 0 – 36 months

Preschool: 3-4 years

Kids Gathering: Kindergarten-3rd grade

To help secure and streamline our Kids’ spaces, we use a digital check-in/out system based in Planning Center. Let us know you're coming and we'll have you in the system and ready for check-in when you arrive!

It is our hope that every member of your family would be experiencing the gospel in community.  So, the first place for your teenager to plug in at Southpoint is a Life Group. The diversity of age, experience, and spiritual maturity makes your Life Group the ideal primary space for family discipleship.

We also host COLLIDE, a weekly gathering for middle and high school students, every Wednesday night. At COLLIDE, your student will find pizza, hang out time with students their age, and doctrinally sound teaching.

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