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Below you will find the songs that we’ll sing this Sunday at our Gathering. Listen and become familiar with them, and feel free to buy these songs from the artists to help support their labor for the church. We look forward to singing these truths as one body Sunday!


If you have been wondering how you can serve the body and guests that walk through our doors on Sunday, we can help you use the gifts the Lord has given you for the furtherance of His glory and the good of our local church.

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We all need God's truth and to be filled with His Word.

In 2019, we will read through the Bible together. Below you will find helpful resources to guide you throughout the year.


This plan takes you through the entire bible in one year. The scriptures are divided up into sixteen “parts” and organized in semi-chronological order. You’ll read two or three chapters a day, and sometimes skim through larger portions that contain genealogies, census information, etc.


One Psalm is listed each day for you to slowly pray through, making its words your own. By the end you’ll have prayed through the book of Psalms 2.5 times.


Each day you come to a new biblical book there will be a a short animated video on The Bible Project website about that book’s design and message and what to look for as you read. You can also sign up to have those videos emailed to your inbox. In addition to videos regarding books of the Bible, you will find theme videos relating to several topics that appear throughout Scipture.